Australia and malaysia economies researchs and

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Australia and malaysia economies researchs and

The Cost of Child Marriage Development experts have always measured the human costs of early marriage, but new data are shedding light on the practice's economic impact.

However, in most developing countries, change is not occurring fast enough and funding for this cause is inadequate. Worldwide, approximately one in five girls under 18 are married or in a union and many are already mothers. Now that the economic costs are clear, this is a good time to address the problem.

Ensuring access to safe, quality education is a key to ending child marriage. Girls must be given the tools for success. In order for this cause to be successful rich countries must join the fight.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has vowed to make gender equality a theme in discussions with other G7 ministers. Even though the number of girls married is declining each year, change is occurring too slowly. If the world does not act now and invest more in this cause, population growth will overtake gains and the number of child brides will be on the rise again.

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George Gitlitz The Berkeley City Council addressed the issue of over-population as it relates to global warming in its declaration of a climate emergency The author called it a "breakthrough" that CO2 emissions are being considered, not only as a per capita function, but also as a function of the number of people doing the emitting.

In the campaign to reduce emissions the role of population has largely been ignored. Hybrid cars, solar energy, and using gas instead of coal are often the main topics of discussion. The world now has 7. This isn't the case, however, CO2 emissions now measure 36 billion tons. This is largely due to countries with large populations, like China, becoming industrialized.

China is now the world's largest emitter at 10 billion tons of CO2 annually.

Australia and malaysia economies researchs and

Assuming half the world is still agrarian and half is industrialized, the author hypothesized that emissions will fall to that level only if the world's population decreases to 2. For this reason, professional environmentalists advocate for both family planning and per capita carbon reducing.

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The need to reduce population is often denied because many think it interferes with economic growth. In fact regions often pursue growth to stimulate their economies. In fact, "growth without end-point is unsustainable. Girls education is another important factor.

This would effect expand the middle class and eliminate some of the factors associated with social and political instability. To erase inequality, all women should have access to health care, proper nutrition, and safe and effective learning environments throughout the educational process.

Also important are upholding sexual and reproductive rights and combating sexual and gender-based violence, including harmful practices like child, early or forced marriage. Women need to be given access to land ownership, credit, insurance, and savings, and the social norms that "relegate" women to lower paid professions need to be changed.

It is imperative that the priorities of women be put at the forefront of the consideration of all governments and international entities. Canada is one country that has done this with its Feminist International Assistance Policy that seeks to ensure equal rights and economic opportunities for all women and girls.

Another initiative that addresses inequality is the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, which is based at the World Bank and supported by 14 governments. It loans money to women-owned or women-led businesses in developing countries. Olivia Smith A recent Wilson Center event focused on the development of a more resilient world through sustainable development.

And, he believes "tailored education campaigns" are necessary for change. One of the biggest hurdles to achieving resilience is water security.Resumé.

Assoc. Professor Dr Khairul Anuar bin Mohd Ali. UKM-Graduate School of Business, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor. Personal Details. Journal of Advanced Social Research -2() No. 4 –pp Malaysia June In recent years, the rise in corporate bankruptcy has led to an increased interest in the examination of company's liquidity.

Multiple independent variables and multiple levels of independent variables differences are illustrated below. Multiple independent variables helps in executing more complicated research innovatively with the standard code. Frictional unemployment.


Frictional unemployment is transitional unemployment due to people moving between jobs e.g. new entrants to the labour market. There are always hundreds of thousands of job vacancies in modern economies such as the UK, so a degree of frictional unemployment is both unavoidable and (to an extent) desirable so that jab vacancies can be filled.

Australia and malaysia economies researchs and

Background Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection contributes to one of the top ten causes of death both in South East Asia region and lower-middle income economies. With the expected increase in number of cases as projected in , the burden of disease is also expected to double over the next decade.

Sociological Research Online (SRO) Australia Jennifer Kent. At the Crossroads: The Embedding Work of Market Participants in and Around Markets Economies of Recycling, 'Consumption Work' and Divisions of Labour in Sweden and England Kathryn Wheeler and Miriam Glucksmann.

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