Bakit mahalaga ang balagtasan

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Bakit mahalaga ang balagtasan

Literature - Paper Example Literature The Spanish Period Historical Background It is an accepted belief that the Spanish colonization of the Philippinesstarted in during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi the first Spanish governor-general in the Philippines - Literature introduction.

Literature started to flourish during his time. This spurt continued unabated until the Cavite Revolt in The Spaniards colonized the Philippines for more than three centuries. During these times, many changes occurred in the lives of Filipinos.

They embraced the Catholic religion, changed their names, and were baptized. Their lifestyles changed too. They built houses mad of stones and bricks, used beautiful furniture like the piano and used kitchen utensils.

Carriages, trains and boats were used as means of travel.

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They held fiestas to honor the saints, the pope and the governors. They had cockfights, horse races and the theater as means of recreation. This gave rise to the formation of the different classes of society like the rich and the landlords. Some Filipinos finished courses like medicine, law, agriculture and teaching.

Many Filipinos finished their schooling already had been established. Notable Dates Bakit mahalaga ang balagtasan Events -Tomas Pinpin, ladino or bilingual, publishes his Spanish grammar for the use of the Tagalogs. COME CON DIOS O ama con dios O great God my father O gran dios me padre tolongan mo acogrant aid to me quered ayudarme; amponin mo acogrant me favor sedme favorable nang mayari itoto be able to complete this task porque este se acabe at icao ang purihinand give praise to thee.

Bakit mahalaga ang balagtasan

Little is known of him, either as a priest or a writer. One of his attempts at poetry was fortunately preserved by father Alonso de Santa Ana in his book Explicacion de la Doctrina Lengua Tagala.

October 5, -The British fleet defeated the Spanish warship allowing the British rule the country for two years.

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March 17, -The British surrendered the country to Spain after losing a battle during the seven-year war between them. October 31, -Francisco Dagohoy, a cabeza de barangay of Bohol and the leader of the longest uprising 8 yearssurrendered to the Spaniards.

September 6, -Manila was opened to international trade leading to a remarkable transformation of its economy. It is dedicated to the memory of Father Burgos, Gomez, and Zamora.

February 15, -The establishment of La Solidaridad, the newspaper founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena to voice out the Filipinos cry for reforms. Both portrayed the struggling life of the Filipinos under the Spanish rule. Jose Rizal established La Liga Filipina, a civic movement aimed at reuniting Filipinos to act together for reforms and autonomy from the unjust administration of the Spaniards.

Jose Rizal was captured and exiled to Dapitan in Mindanao. There he served as a doctor, a scientist and a teacher to the locals.

The Spaniards learned the Katipunan movement that resulted to a massive capture of many Filipinos. The Philippines Revolution breaks out. This was marked as the historic Cry of Balintawak. The Katipuneros headed by Bonifacio had their first encounter with the Spanish civil guards and infantrymen.

Due to strong forces and large presence of the Filipino troops, both camps of the Spaniards retreated. But in the end, Filipinos lost the battle when the latter came back with large number of fighters and stronger ammunition.

A group of revolutionaries from Cavite were executed. Jose Rizal was executed by firing squad in Bagumbayan now called Rizal Park after being held captive at fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila. The Katipuneros elected a new set of officers to replace the Katipunan. Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio were excuted in Mt.

Tala, Cavite after an unjust trial headed by General. Mariano Noriel, an associate of Emilio Aguinaldo. A new Spanish Governor named Fernando Primo de Rivera arrived in Manila for the purpose of minimizing the thriving rebellion of the Filipinos.

He issued a decree to grant pardon to those who would surrender to the Spanish government. Aguinaldo and his associates voluntarily moved to Hongkong for the amount of P,DROGA Roxas, Victoria S.

Balagtasan: sino ang higit ang pananagutan sa pagsugpo sa mapanganib na droga, ang tahanan o ang lipunana. (Balagtasan) The Modern Teacher November LVI:6 DRUG ABUSE Sabado, Rogelio T. Noong Lunes dapat magtalumpati siya Pero tinigil dahil mas mahalaga daw ang Taong masasalant sa Cagayan ng bagyong Luis.

Mahina lamang ang bagyo.

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chiz no way. pwede yan sa balagtasan, pang-duplo talaga yan. Kung bakit naprapraning ang mga manok, eh yun ang mga bulung-bulungan sa sabungan pag natatalo ni Narciso yung mga manok ni Binay!. Kung bakit dahil lamang sa kanyang pagkukulang ay ipinagkait ang kalayaan ng isang bayan at iligtas ang higit na salarin kaysa sa kanya.

At kung bakit pahahalagahan pa ng Diyos ang gaanong kabuktutan kaysa mga daing ng napakaraming walang kasalanan. Mahalaga ang pagsabay ng pangkulturang pakikibaka sa pagsulong ng pagbabago sa pulitika at ekonomya. Mahalaga ang papel ng mga artista sa paglikha ng sining na bitbit ang kaisipang direktang sumasalungat sa dominanteng kultura.

Ang mga ito’y ang balagtasan, ang duplo, at yaong anyong katutubo ngunit napakaunibersal, ang tulang maaaring. Kukuha ka ng consultant para pag-aralan kung bakit natigok ang manok! 9. KAPITALISMONG BENTURA (Venture Narito ang twenty spiritual truths na nai-share ng mabait kong kaibigan at ang opinyon-hirit ng Pinoy Funny Ideas blog.

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TWENTY TRUTHS TO REMEMBER. 1. Faith is the ability to not panic. sumisigaw ako dahil mahalaga ito! Ang liit ng. Balagtasan: Dapat Ba O Hindi Dapat Ipatupad ang K+12 Policy sa Pilipinas?

nina Vanessa Lee at Marl Yjuv Toquero Lakandiwa: Magandang umaga mga Binibini at Ginoo, Ako po’y nagaagalak makaharap kayo. Isang makabuluhang pagtatalo ating matutunghayan., Pagtatalong pwedeng magbigay liwanag sa ating bayan.

Noong umupo bilang bagong pinuno, bilang isang pangulo.

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