Birt the value of the sanctity of life

Sue Stratman holds the microphone for her son, Daniel.

Birt the value of the sanctity of life

January 23, If I am truly pro-life, if I believe in the sanctity of human life, I have to accept the sanctity of my own life. It is not humanity that declared human life unique. We merely recognize that we are unlike any other creature. It is not other people from whom we receive our value.

It is from God. What does that mean for someone like me, struggling with suicidal depression and ideation? The focus of the sanctity of human life days in the US has been protecting babies in the womb from abortion.

We know that they have no voice, and are completely dependent on their mothers. But there have been times I doubted that I had a purpose, that I had enough value to keep living. Depression twist our minds, blinds us to truth and light, and steals our hope.

I honestly believed that everyone, including those who love me, would be better off without me. Whether we can see them at the moment or not, each of us has a lifetime of reasons to remain in the life God has blessed us with.

Sometimes my husband is one of my least favorite people. But he is also one of my strongest supporters.

Birt the value of the sanctity of life

There are times when each of us needs the support only the other can give. We have three kids to raise together. Long before Jeff and I were married. At the worst of my depression, it was impossible to believe that my children would be more harmed by the large trauma of my suicide than the unpredictable series of smaller traumas of life with a mother as worthless as I.

He just finished his sophomore year of high school, and will be old enough to drive at the end of October. He got more motivated at the end of the school year. The worlds and stories he can create!

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When he wants to draw them, watch out. Even at twelve, he often calls me Mommy. Daughter number one and only. Death by suicide is not the legacy I want to leave for her, or my boys.

With how she and I already dramatically butt heads at age eight, our relationship in her teen years is likely to be, um, rougher than what I have with her oldest brother.

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But that could mean she may need me even more. They still need raising. I want to be one of those in their lives for as long as possible.

That not only means sticking around, but also making sure I do my best to be as mentally and spiritually healthy as possible. If marriage and family lie ahead for them, I can help them go into marriage with eyes and hearts open, and be around to snuggle their babies.

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Young people need to better understand the marriage as a covenant relationship. The best situation for a child to grow up in is a stable, two-parent household, with a father and mother who love each other, and them.

There was something about carrying another person inside my body, and then being able to nourish them from my body, that made me feel more real and useful than I ever had. Even though that season of my life is over, there will always be babies.

I love the softness of baby hair, the perfect plumpness of baby toes, and that amazing baby scent. Mentally unstable; never properly medicated.

One of my biggest regrets is that we never had a chance to have a normal adult relationship. If I mourn that she was never blessed with the stability proper treatment may have brought, how much more would my kids have to grieve?

He struggles with diabetes and heart disease.The popularity of the labels “pro-life” and “pro-choice” wax and wane, according to polls, but even “pro-choice” Americans generally support abortion only up to a point — typically.

A celebration of the sanctity of life September 18, / by Theresa Smith / 3 Comments. REVIEW OVERVIEW. 0. 0. Sue Stratman holds the microphone for her son, Daniel. the changes from the womb to outside the womb should not affect the value of a person, according to Klusendorf. As for dependency, toddlers need their parents for nutrition.

In Life's Dominion Dworkin argues that the debate about abortion is habitually misconstrued. Substantial areas of agreement are overlooked, while areas of disagreement are, mistakenly, seen as central. Jun 07,  · The notion of sanctity of life can be viewed as a basic duty to preserve life and derives from theological perspectives.

It considers preservation of life as the highest value. Advertisement. Jan 21,  · VATICAN CITY — Top 13 quotable quotes from Pope Francis on the sanctity of life: 1. 2. “All life has inestimable value even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image, destined to live forever, and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect.”.

One of the core values in Judaism is the sanctity of life, and it is about time we started educating this to our nation. May the souls of the departed be bound in eternal life and may we learn the lessons of the past in order to educate correctly for the future.

SANCTITY OF LIFE: Babies' lives matter