Copywriting an app

All you really need to get started is a pen.

Copywriting an app

However, leaving the desk behind can take some getting used to. Read on to discover tips for copywriting in a mobile work environment, and 4 helpful apps to assist you in doing so. You can also set up a landline-style number through Skype.

copywriting an app

The low subscription fee lets you make and receive local and international calls just as you would in the office. Calling landlines is cheap, but beware of dialing international mobiles. Global roaming charges can add up quickly!

Invest in a Convertible Tablet Laptops are the traditional choice for mobile copywriters, but convertible tablets offer greater flexibility. They have the screen size you need and the keyboard you love, with the additional of benefit of being able to run mobile apps.

Read on to learn about the apps that can help you write great copy on the go. Here are 4 of the best ones: Handy maps make it easy to head to the places you can log on. These days, that notebook has gone digital with the launch of Evernote. Use it to record your interviews or simply to jot down your own thoughts when inspiration hits.

Omnifocus Keeps You on Track With a multitude of external distractions, staying focused can be one of the greatest challenges for copywriters on the go.

copywriting an app

The Omnifocus app makes the job easier by prioritizing your workload and breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. The reminders function ensures no job slips through the cracks. Omnifocus is currently available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and details can be synched across these devices.

An Android version is also in development. A staggeringAmerican hard drives crash every week, and more than 2 million laptops are stolen annually. Backing up your data using a cloud system like the Mozy app will help you keep business as usual should the worst happen.

The app can automatically back-up the files on your laptop or tablet while you work. The more quickly you can generate great ideas and deliver stellar copy, the more competitive you will be in your endeavors as a professional copywriter.

In fact, many remotely working employees have reported a 25 percent increase in productivity, so it makes sense to take your copywriting out of the office.

What other tips do you have for copywriting on the go? Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida. From mega-retailers like Target to tech giants like Facebook, online security is a major issue and giant concern for consumers.

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The ultimate objecti. The app can automatically back-up the files on your laptop or tablet while you work. Keeping Pace With An Accelerating World Perhaps the most important takeaway that you could get from this article, though, is that copywriters need to do everything they can to keep .

Learn about the different types of copywriting, the benefits of drafting on paper (yes, paper!), observing general rules, writing headlines, selling the page, and rewriting existing copy to optimize it for different outlets and platforms.

App Store Optimization Basics

Copywriting for Apps. by Seth Van Sin. Posted: 2 years ago 4 but now I'm getting more and more into web copywriting and my next project is kinda tricky because I've never done something like this. I have to write the copy for an app. There are already texts from the developers (kinda wireframe texts) but I have to rewrite them/ make them.

The copywriter trusted by #1 entertainment app Infuse and #1 kids app Pocket Zoo dishes on how to write an App Store description that gets more installs. How startup marketers and copywriters become the most profitable people in the room. COPYWRITING How to write a long-form sales page How to be specific in your copy How to write better.

No copywriter is complete without a trusty thesaurus by his side (or, in the case of web copywriting, in the next tab). is the most comprehensive thesaurus website and is one that I frequent multiple times with every piece of copy that I write.

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