Critical response of molloy and grove s article

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Critical response of molloy and grove s article

Published online Jul Diane Williamson ,3 Chris S. LeButt ,3 Helen C.

Critical response of molloy and grove s article

Flick-Smith ,3 Conrad P. Baillie 7 Mark T.

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Diane Williamson Chris S. Abstract The unpredictable nature of bioterrorism and the absence of real-time detection systems have highlighted the need for an efficient postexposure therapy for Bacillus anthracis infection.

One approach is passive immunization through the administration of antibodies that mitigate the biological action of anthrax toxin. We isolated and characterized two protective fully human monoclonal antibodies with specificity for protective antigen PA and lethal factor LF.

When combined, the antibodies had additive neutralization efficacy.

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Mice treated with either antibody and infected with B. Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax, is a spore-forming, gram-positive bacterium.


Following inhalation, spores are phagocytosed by alveolar macrophages and transported through the lymphatic channels to hilar and tracheobronchial lymph nodes, where the spores germinate, leading to the multiplication and systemic circulation of vegetative bacilli 13 Critical to the virulence of B.

These proteins bind to protective antigen PAthe cell-binding component, to form lethal toxin LeTx and edema toxin, respectively The biological activities of LeTx and edema toxin are analogous to those of other A-B toxin systems PA initially binds to a cell surface receptor, including human capillary morphogenesis protein 2 and tumor endothelial marker 8 445and undergoes furin-like mediated cleavage of the N-terminal domain.

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The PA63 conformer assembles to form a ring-shaped heptamer with the capacity to bind up to three copies of LF or EF 2231 At this point the toxin complex is endocytosed. Subsequent acidification of the endosome causes the PA63 heptamer to insert into the membrane, forming a transmembrane channel that traffics LF and EF to the cytosol LF endopeptidase activity with the MEK family of signal transduction proteins down-regulates both the innate and acquired immune responses by inhibiting cytokine responses, dendritic cell responses, and B- and T-cell immunity 1 EF, an adenylate cyclase, incapacitates phagocytes and cytokine pathways through cyclic AMP induction and up-regulates the PA63 receptor on target cells 17 Given the central role of the toxins in anthrax pathology, the ability to neutralize their effects is of value at all stages of infection.

The credentials of B. These events underscored the need for postexposure medical countermeasures that are effective, particularly during middle to advanced stages of infection, when bacteremia and toxemia ensue. Animal studies have previously suggested that early treatment of anthrax is essential since the disease reaches a point when antibiotics are no longer effective due to the accumulation of a lethal level of toxin 4849 In order to counteract the limitations of antibiotics, several groups have been pursuing various therapeutic strategies that evoke rapid protection against anthrax by targeting PA, LF, or capsular antigen 7182123283335374659 The most promising approach has been administration of antitoxin antibodies to generate a state of immediate passive immunity.

This therapy involves the transfer of serum from an immunized donor or monoclonal antibodies MAbs to an exposed or at risk recipient.

The efficacy of this treatment has been demonstrated in an anthrax guinea pig challenge model using polyclonal anti-PA serum from immunized guinea pigs A murine MAb specific for LF has also exhibited protective efficacy during experimental LeTx challenge of athymic nude mice One of the major concerns with this therapeutic agent is the immunogenicity of the antibody as a foreign protein.

This concern has been partially circumvented by the generation of an affinity-enhanced, humanized, anti-PA MAb that was developed from a murine immunoglobulin G IgG More recently, human peripheral blood lymphocytes from immunized humans have been used in hybridomas as progenitors of prophylactic anti-PA antibodies 44 The use of human IgG eliminates the risk of adverse reactions associated with nonhuman serum and antibodies while the immune system recall response is utilized to produce high-affinity toxin-neutralizing antibodies.

Here we report the isolation and characterization of two protective PA- and LF-specific MAbs obtained from human donors. This is the first reported example of a protective human-derived LF MAb.

Each antibody was tested for its individual capacity to neutralize LeTx activity in vitro. The antibodies were also assayed together in various combinations to assess the additive neutralizing potential.

We also examined the ability of the protected mice to survive a second lethal challenge 20 days after the initial infection. The experiments reported here were conducted in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and in accordance with the principles set forth in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Development and identification of the anti-PA and anti-LF hybridomas.

Blood samples were drawn from healthy individuals immunized with the United Kingdom-licensed anthrax vaccine following annual booster immunizations. Samples demonstrating anthrax LeTx-neutralizing activity in cytotoxicity assays 1540 were selected for hybridoma development using a polyethylene glycol-based variant of the hybridoma electrofusion technology described by H.

Anthrax LeTx neutralization activity assay.The impact of Hume's “Of Miracles” Hume's critique of the credibility of reported miracles provoked a tidal wave of responses, of which the most important are Adams (), Leland (), Douglas (), Price (), and Campbell (/).

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Critical response of molloy and grove s article

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