Customer focus definition

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Customer focus definition

Customer focus definition

If the organisation's mission is to satisfy the customer, then customer requirements must be determined 7. There is now considerable emphasis on top management being seen to be on-board and playing the game. Top management is defined as the person s who direct an organisation at the highest level.

Why customer focus matters

The principal message that management must get across is that the objective of this business is to keep the customer happy. Management must communicate the business objectives to employees who should be aware of their own roles and responsibilities 6.


Notice that none of these clauses specify a procedure or a record — you are simply required to do it. As a result, the Certification Body auditor will want to speak to the MD and the staff. This something your internal auditors must do also. Customer focus involves determining customer requirements and meeting the requirements so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

Enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer requirements are identified. The principal message is that management must convey is that the objective of the business is to keep the customer happy.Customer-focus is quite literally and quite obviously, focusing on the customer.

Customer Focus. Businesses may use a variety of methods to determine what services, goods or products future or current customers desire. Customer focus means your business is dedicated to. See if supply chain segmentation can turn your customer focus into supply chain success. Keep your finger on the pulse of the customer, and your competitors, and listen for cues to market demands, delivery competition, and customer satisfaction ratings. There has always been a lot of talk from business leaders about being customer driven, customer focused, customer centered in their business activities but what does that really mean?

That means thinking about them when decisions are made, policies are implemented, and employees are trained. It spans across the whole business and is a cultural thing as much as it is anything else.

Customer focus is an organizational stance in which all aspects of a company's production and delivery of goods or services are directed by the best interests of the customers. Customer-Focused Selling is a selling technique that emphasizes a genuine dialogue between the salesperson and the customer.

Before talking product and/or service, a customer-focused salesperson strives to uncover a customer's underlying personal and/or professional needs and may even help the customer identify and phrase these needs. Customer clinics and focus group discussions are valuable forms of qualitative research.

Customer focus definition

They are still widely used in product development today. When used correctly, they can help define customer. The Customer Focus is a process that will require the commitment and dedication of every employee in a company.

And now the program is available in an online, web-based interactive program, bringing customer service training to any computer, at anytime – anywhere in the world. Customer focus is the principle that a business be planned, operated and measured in terms of the customer. This is commonly embraced in areas such as marketing, customer service and product development.

The following are illustrative examples of customer focus.

The Customer Focus™ Program