Endemic and endangered plant species of tirumala hills

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Endemic and endangered plant species of tirumala hills

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Endemic and endangered plant species of tirumala hills

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Lett Appl Microbiol ;51 1: Endophytic fungal isolate mediated biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and their free radical scavenging activity and anti microbial studies. A greedy algorithm for aligning DNA sequences.INFORMATION RELATED TO RARE, ENDANGERED, THREATENED AND Indian Medicinal plant entries on endangered species, of which 28 are considered extinct, Distr.: Endemic to Chittoor (Tirumala hills), Cuddapah and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh.

(En) 6. Andry estimates that the forest is home to well over 60 endemic and endangered species in total, in addition to a wealth of biodiversity yet to be uncovered. Local forest rangers like Monja are spearheading efforts to stop Tsitongambarika’s degradation.

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The plant is commonly harvested from the wild for medicinal use and sold in local markets. This species has a very narrow range, covering just square kilometres in the Tirupati hills .

Tropical Plant Research 4(3): –] were collected from Tirumala hills, Talakona mango orchards and Shikaram between altitudes ranges of to Distribution in India: The species is endemic to India and it was earlier reported from Tamil Nadu (Singh & Sinha ). Sri Venkateswara National Park on Tirumala Hills.

Location in India. Location: Chittoor and Cuddapah districts, Andhra Pradesh, Some of the rare and endemic plant species like red sanders, Shorea talura, Shorea (red sandalwood) in Talakona forests of Sri Venkateswara National Park Artocarpus heterophyllus (jack fruit) at Sri.

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