Facing west from california s shores an

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Facing west from california s shores an

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Poem Analysis: When I read it again, it touches something within. The more times a poem is read, the more it grows within, until its very idea takes ground in some part or other in our mind, and only then is it fully understood.

The answer is we cannot, and so I can only do my best to argue my point of view in the following text, and hope that you, the reader, will bear with me.

Facing west from california s shores an

It aims to promote American patriotism, while at the same time setting the nature of human psychology in focus, and make us wander about our future. It is however not only what he wrote, but how he wrote. He is often considered to be the father of the free verse, a form which allows the poet to write more freely, as if speaking, without thought to rhyme, metre or other traditional techniques.

This does not mean that free verse is without rules; on the contrary, they have but changed. In this form one might use recurrence with variation of phrases, images and syntactical patterns.

Facing west from california s shores an

The choice of exact words and associations are just some factors that contribute to the beauty of the free verse. In traditional poems the language is pretty, the rhymes and rhythms; here we perceive the images painted by the words in our minds both those induced as well as those native to our mind-set.

One image in particular stands out in this poem: Why is this such strong an image? To gain an understanding of this we must first have an understanding of the history of the white man in America: From the moment the white man set foot in America, conquest and treasure hunting has been his main quest.

This western frontier for long was the very image of civilisation conquering the wilderness—of progress with clear results. In short, we had a goal. Then, inCalifornia became the 31st state of the USA. The gold rush had come and goneand it would seem that all that could be discovered had been so.

With no terra incognita left to discover, no more land to conquer, where should they go? Any further west and it would be east again.

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This is quite brilliantly done by Whitman: He places the beginning at the end, and the end at the beginning; a beautiful ambiguity, placing America both at the beginning and end of our history. This brings us to the part of history Whitman is trying to convey.

Whitman is telling us about our ancestry; after all, to know where one is going, one must know whence one is coming. What can we take pride in? In answering this, it is rather obvious that not all of history is equally relevant, at least not if you want a particular perspective. Further, which parts of history one includes may define our identity.

Do we want to be defined as those who come from the ancient Greeks; the very cradle of western civilisation? Or do we want to be of the ancient warriors from China?

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In his days, Asia was considered to be the birthplace of civilisation; he starts there. What he tells us of is exotic:The Shores is located in Orange Beach, Alabama. This resort is located on the beach and has easy access to dining and attractions.

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The Gulf Shores, AL forecast has been added to your forecast favorite locations at the top menu bar. ×. This interactive map was developed in The San Francisco Chronicle newsroom and provides information on wildfires burning across California. Click to view the real-time map.

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