Formlating a thesis

This diagram omits many details. How can I, as an aspiring programming language designer, improve upon existing languages instead of simply making another variation of a well understood theme? The well established research paradigm in language design would have me identify a deficiency in the expressiveness1 of some class of languages and then propose an alteration of these languages which arguably removes the deficiency. How does one compare design alternatives that are present in the literature?

Formlating a thesis

What are five drawbacks of using only subjective information in formulating strategies. Jan 24 Subjective information is the information based on the opinion or judgement of a person. It is sometimes preferred in assisting those strategic plans which have little or no information database or as a precursor to objective planning.

Use of subjective information requires a lot of careful thought and planning. It is not a very comprehensive way of obtaining results; it can just give an indication of the general trends.

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In such cases it becomes difficult to draw conclusions. Which then guides the decisions, strategies and product development not based on statistical data. As subjective information is more analytical and individual the perspective may be biased at times.

The information can very heavily rely on the personal feelings of the interviewee and he may not be able to give an honest opinion Formlating a thesis judgement and there is no way of deducting the honesty of it.

Many a times it so happens that the interviwee may not have a valid reason for his view point in such a case the judgement may not have a valid reason or explanation.

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The manager of a food joiny in the interior of the city feels that shifting to the suburbs may give them more space to operate. But he overlooks the fact that most customers may not want to travel that far and may search for other option. Thus resulting in loss of customers.

Data or information gathered subjectively may not hold true over a long period, as what may be the The management failed to see the threat of the advent of computers to their industry and ended up spending huge amounts to set up machinery manufacturing electronic manual typewriters, their decisions taken sometime back proved to be a major mistake a few years later forcing shut down.

The analysis totally depends on the efficiency of the person gathering the information.

Formlating a thesis

His inefficiency may lead to overlooking of certain key factors essential for strategic planning. The reaction of the subjects response to the question may take the discussions in another direction totally. It is difficult to establish the validity and reliability of the approach and the information as the tool of gathering the information is very subjective.

The resultant information or strategy planning then sometimes is in the hands of few and can be operated according to thier whims and idiocracies not doing justice to the firm or the product. All in all this method tends to gets long-drawn with a lot of amount of work and labour put in. And sometimes the effort could be futile if the data collected is no more applicable or the view points are contradictory such data will be of no help to the strategy formulation and cannot be implemented.

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Solution: The six drawbacks of using only subjective information in formulating strategies are: a. The subjective information when considered in the strategy formulation provides no mechanism to rank the significance of one factor versus another within any list.

As a result, any one factor's true impact on the objective can't be determined. b. Oct 21,  · BJP Future - II.

Formlating a thesis

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