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Gough whitlam policies essay help

Gough Whitlam, Labor prime minister from tohas died aged A giant of modern Australian politics, his passing triggered a flood of tributes on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, current Labor leader Bill Shorten said: Like no other PM before or since, Gough Whitlam redefined our country and in doing so he changed the lives of a generation … Our country is different because of him.


Despite spending less than three years in office before being sensationally dismissed by the governor-general, Gough whitlam policies essay help John Kerr, the Whitlam government enacted a series of reforms, including the extension of publicly funded health care through Medibank, now Medicare and higher education, a raft of changes in social, Indigenous and arts policy, and the establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

Whitlam had been introduced to Lingiari by author Frank Hardy early in the campaign. Whitlam famously visited protesters at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the lawns of Parliament House with his wife Margaret inand thus helped to place Aboriginal land rights on the national agenda.

Soon afterwards, Whitlam declared in his election campaign that We will legislate to give Aborigines land rights — not just because their case is beyond argument, but because all of us as Australians are diminished while the Aborigines are denied their rightful place in this nation.

Within two weeks of assuming government, Whitlam commissioned Edward Woodward to investigate how to grant land rights. Legislating land rights changed the political and economic landscape for Indigenous Australians, well beyond the boundaries of what is now recognised as Indigenous-owned land.

The policy allowed for the beginnings of self-determination. State governments passed their own land rights acts, albeit less ambitious in scope.

Land councils developed expertise in policy advocacy and in negotiations with mining and other interests extending over Aboriginal land, ensuring that Indigenous views continue to be heard today.

Australian governments have acknowledged the importance of land in Indigenous law and custom, and its potential value in traditional and modern economic ventures. As in other areas like education and health care, Whitlam was decades ahead of his time.

gough whitlam policies essay help

Economics Margaret McKenzie, Lecturer, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Deakin University The Whitlam government was more broadly globalist in its economic approach than previous governments, which had served to protect the traditional interests of largely British company subsidiaries, and of agriculture.

It had a big task, being faced by the oil crisis of the mids. Policy direction was shifted towards freeing up both trade and international capital movements. The Whitlam government moved away from the more Eurocentric perspectives of previous governments and recognised that Australia was a part of the Asia-Pacific region.

It opened up cultural and educational links with China and Indonesia that were the precursor to economic ties.

Dismissal of gough whitlam essay writing

This was modified and replaced by Fraser with the Foreign Investment Review Board, which was still more positive toward foreign investment flows. The Whitlam government was in fact far less protectionist than previous governments. This was driven by Whitlam himself in opposition to the union movement.

The commissioned Rattigan report recommended tariff cuts. Its purpose became more market-focused. It was intended to improve the efficiency of the Australian economy.

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The modern role of economics in Australian policy was put in place by the Whitlam government. The Trade Practices Act of was intended to promote competition in the economy and improve consumer protections. This was to be administered by a new body, the Trade Practices Commission.

In the economic sphere, the most salient memory is typically ballooning spending, a failure to appreciate the perils of inflation, and allowing a wage-price spiral from But there is also a hugely positive side of the Whitlam economic ledger.

The introduction of the Trade Practices Act in brought Australia into the modern economic era in dealing with harmful monopoly practices. In this sense, Whitlam put a lot of faith in markets — a faith that was frankly rather lacking under Robert Menzies.

What Whitlam did wrong — and there was plenty of it — was relatively easy to fix. What he did right was incredibly hard to do. And that is the economic legacy for which he should be remembered.

Gough Whitlam, unlike his prime ministerial predecessors, saw the connection between nation building and the arts.

Aboriginal land rights

He recognised that in order for a country to be seen as truly independent, it needed to support and be proud of its own culture. In any civilised community the arts and associated amenities must occupy a central place.

They could not be seen as tools of one government or another as their credibility and objectivity would then be questioned. It was also recognised that as government statutory bodies they could not be easily removed.

While government arts funding programs had previously existed, such as the Commonwealth Literary Fund, they were seen as flawed because it was recognised that there was direct influence by the government of the day in their decision making. The Australia Council was not legally recognised until the Australia Council Act ofbut it was formalised from by the amalgamation of various bodies that already existed and then operational from The Australia Council created seven art form boards whose government-appointed members were well-respected peers from each field.

This was vitally important for the policies and programs of the council to be seen as respected and appropriate by the artists themselves.Gough whitlam policies essay about myself.

Invading privacy essays henry iv essay essay on scientist jagdish chandra bose. Essay help u of t rosi research paper on . Gough Whitlam However, even though the Whitlam government lost the next election, many felt that he made a significant contribution to social reform in Australia and to its modernisation.

Let us write you a custom essay sample on ##customtitle##. Gough Whitlam, Labor prime minister from to , has died aged A giant of modern Australian politics, his passing triggered a flood of tributes on Tuesday morning.

In a statement. The Whitlam government's policies relating to the socialisation of economics were mirrored in their policies determining government structure.

Seemingly the most important issue relating to government policy and structure was the initiation of one 'state' and the nationalisation and centralisation of Australia. Edward “Gough” Whitlam was the Prime Minister of Australia from the 5th of December until the 11th of November He was a new class of Politician.

He had a private school education, served time in the military and was from a middle class family. Gough whitlam policies essay about myself prejudice essay duke supplemental essay beneficence ethics research paper hook for one child policy essay homework help english essay essay four day school week in texas ways to plan an essay catholic essay traditional.

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