How to write api in code igniter css

Next Page The architecture of CodeIgniter application is shown below. As shown in the figure, whenever a request comes to CodeIgniter, it will first go to index. In the second step, Routing will decide whether to pass this request to step-3 for caching or to pass this request to step-4 for security check. If the requested page is already in Caching, then Routing will pass the request to step-3 and the response will go back to the user.

How to write api in code igniter css

One of the primitive features of any membership website is user registration system. Obviously the common trait of a signup form is to ask for too many details which will scare away users from your site.

But keeping the form as minimal as possible will encourage them to sign up easily. Build Two-Step User Registration System with Email Verification The codeigniter registration system we are going to build is a two step registration process namely 1.

By this way we can keep away the spammers and attract only the serious users interested in the value provided by your site. Steps for User Registration System Here goes the flow for our user registration module. Ask user to fill in the basic details with email id in the registration form.

Once validating the user submitted details, insert user data into database. User clicks on the confirmation link and return back to site.

Then copy paste the below code to the file.

how to write api in code igniter css

Read this tutorial on sending email in codeigniter using smtp to learn more about configuring email settings. The above mentioned active state of the user will be used during user login process. Check this codeigniter login tutorial to see it in action.

And copy paste the below code to it. Please confirm the mail sent to your Email-ID!!! Please try again later!!!

Please login to access your account! There is error verifying your Email Address! As I have said earlier, we have a signup form with minimal fields for first name, last name, email-id and password.

If there is any mismatch we notify the user with an error message like this. We also confirm if the email-id provided by user is unique and not used already for another account.

However you can generate a random hash and store in the database for later verification. After successfully sending the email, we notify the user to confirm their email-id to complete the registration process like this. Later when the user clicks on the email link, they will be taken back to the site and to the verify function in the controller.

The hash code will be tested against the email id stored in the database and that particular user account will be activated and will be promptly notified like this. As for the style sheet I used twitter bootstrap cssbut feel free to use your own if you prefer.

Unlike simple echoed messages, the flashdata message will be displayed only once after the redirection takes place. And that was all about creating user registration form in codeigniter with email confirmation. I hope this two step registration system will be helpful to you.

If you have any trouble implementing it, please voice it through your comments.The Multi-Language feature is necessary for the modern web application.

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This feature is used for the purpose of internationalization. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to implement the multi-language feature in CodeIgniter framework. Integrate receive payments blockchain api in an already built cryptocurrency website.

Skills: Codeigniter, CSS, HTML, PHP See more: blockchain api receive, j2me bluetooth files send receive, java sms send receive gateway, blockchain api key.

Hi Boss, if i use echo base_uri() showing empty page. if i use echo base_url() showing content without CSS format. Please tell me now what i need to do.

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Oct 11,  · On the other hand, when you write some code in CodeIgniter, you can write it so that it does precisely what you want it to from the start. Some of . Makes writing libraries a bit simpler; A helper to aid in serving cached asset files (js, css, jpg, png, etc) and hiding full asset paths in HTML.

HTML Purifier – Code Igniter Plugin.

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Acts as an inteface between CodeIgniter and the Twitter API. UPS Rate Tool. Get shipping rates from the UPS API with this library. Anouncing 'CodeIgniterPlus', the ultimate codeigniter bundle, enhance your codeigniter development experience to a new dimension.

you need to write.

how to write api in code igniter css

It’s not intended for Codeigniter beginners. If you are a beginner, you should first get familiar with Codeigniter then come back here. you should try to integrate it with twitter.

How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP - Step By Step Guide!