Interventions in hekasi

Absolutely No Mastery H. The NAT has no passing grade or score. For instance, a 50 MPS would mean that an examinee correctly answered 20 of a item subject area test. How is NAT Administered?

Interventions in hekasi

Items Three days before Miriam turned eight, She received a package from her uncle Ramon in Singapore. It came in a big box. Father helped open the box. Then they saw something very pretty. It was a big doll. It had round blue eyes and a small red mouth.

Miriam called it curly. She loved to play with it. What Miriam liked best was the way curly walked. Miriam would hold one of its hand and they would walk together around the living room. Why did Miriam receive a gift from her uncle?

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It was her birthday. It was her graduation. It was a christmas gift.

Interventions in hekasi

It was a prize in a contest. What would be the most possible ending for the story? Curly made Miriam sad. Curly made Miriam Happy. Her uncle will call her up. Her uncle send her another doll. What conclusion can you make from the selection? Miriam has many toys.

Miriam has a rich uncle. Miriam has a thoughtful uncle. Which among the sentences tells a fantasy? The doll was pretty. Miriam loved to play doll. Miriam got package from Singapore. The package was delivered by a fairy. Which of the following events happened first in the story?

A package was received. Curly had round blue eyes. Items 13 - 17 Noel asked permission from his mother to go to the river with his classmates. His mother told him to be back before sunset to chop firewood. Noel and his classmates had a good time that he forgot what his mother said.

He went home late.Practice Workbook PUPIL’S EDITION Grade 6 Orlando • Boston • Dallas • Chicago • San Diego DepEd Philippines is with Jane Fuentes and Sam N Pam.

November 18 at PM · Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones maintains that the subject Filipino remains to be among the core subjects in basic education, while the teaching of Panitikan in the Filipino subject serves as a way of strengthening the Filipino identity and culture. Welcome to the enhanced LR Portal!

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Monitors the implementation of the policies in particular and the intervention in general; and. Resolves OHSP issues that may arise and problems that may be encountered. HEKASI (History) Reviewer for NAT High School, etc.

HEKASI (Economics) Reviewer for NAT High School, etc.

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