Js prom experience essay

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Js prom experience essay

For me, the most unforgettable moment being a 3rd year high school was the Junior and Senior Promenade. All the junior and the senior students were required to join this once in a life time event.

After I take my bath, I immediately changed my clothes and wear my blue long sleeves at my black americana. Before the prom begins, I, my classmates and my friends met on the hall. We kept on taking photos of us. We were so noisy at the hall. And when somebody told us to assemble for the entrance, I was so nervous.

But the good thing was my partner helped me to boost my confidence and it works. The hall was so beautiful.

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I was so amaze. And it was so huge. During the program, we were so bored and some complained that they were starving. But there was a lot of funny moment during the program.

Js prom experience essay

And I really enjoyed it. But for me, the best part of that night was the last waltz or party party time. We all dance like crazy animals but I was so disappointed; I was not able to dance with the guy whom I like a lot. They completed my night.

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My JS Prom experience was the best.Gay Couples Attending the Prom - A traditional prom setting is a dance attended by a couple of young teens: a male and female couple. But what would happen if an individual would like to take a prom .

One reason is that, in our junior year and senior year we celebrated the so-called "Junior,seniors promenade" or also known as the "JS PROM". A prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance, or gathering of high school students.

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Top Ads. Labels. Label Links. Highschool life is a very challenging life as an caninariojana.com is in our higschool life where we experience lots of things. It is also in our highschool. Its Js Prom! Essay Sample.

Pages in our junior year and senior year we celebrated the so-called “Junior,seniors promenade” or also known as the “JS PROM”.

Js prom experience essay

A prom, short for.

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