Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us

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Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us

InfoWars is now reporting on this story as well.

Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us

I also do not know the laws of classification and whether the supposed excerpt of this alleged report is classified or not. In reality, this is exactly the tack you should take when taking on deviant criminals of this nature, as they are extremely technical, very savvy on the law, and will take even an inch of legal daylight if it is offered.

They simply have NO choice but to make sure their case is airtight.

Predictions on the upcoming presidential elections in the us

What Q essentially said is that the DHS will be completing their election integrity investigation very soon, and that among their findings will be a statement that US and foreign entities committed intentional election fraud, to the tune of MILLIONS of illegal votes.

This finding will supposedly be the result of studying ONLY 22 counties. How that is even possible is completely beyond me.

That would imply that there was tens of millions of illegal votes counted, if one extrapolates that trend over the entire nation. There are really only two possibilities: His cache and reputation will be virtually destroyed. His credibility will be virtually unassailable from that point on.

But beyond that, the reaction to this action by DHS will be so extreme and violent that it merits much further scrutiny, and thus we will examine that scenario in greater depth: If the Department of Homeland Security does indeed release a report from their investigation on election integrity that states MILLIONS of illegal votes were counted in the presidential election due to massive fraud by American AND foreign entities, the Left and their associated front groups will go absolutely nuts.

They will simply have no choice as they will immediately realize the ramifications that this will hold for the elections and beyond. They will understand that this announcement will mark the beginning of a process of nullifying all of the election fraud that they have been perpetrating upon the nation.

It will be a declaration of open warfare essentially, of Trump baring his fangs and signaling that he is charging directly at them and their criminality. Beyond the implications that this will hold for their electoral gains inthey understand that this will also result in possible criminal charges and convictions for all of the fraud that they committed in the past.

Many of us have long suspected that the Democrat Party has been committing absolutely massive electoral fraud, but have never had the correct people with both the ability and the will in the correct position to both investigate and prosecute.

I would expect the major figures within the political American Left to immediately begin targeting the source of the report, beginning with DHS. Since their tactics dictate that they single an individual out, they will most likely target the lead investigator or the author of the report.

Therefore, since Trump is attempting to restore election integrity, they will say that he is destroying election integrity. Since he is attempting to restore transparency and eliminate corruption, they will say that he is corrupt and attempting to subvert the rule of law.

Election Update: Romney-Clinton Districts Are Overrated. Obama-Trump Districts Are Underrated.

They will say that he is a dictator attempting to fix the upcoming elections. I see it getting very vicious. The Left will realize that this is virtually a life-or-death struggle.

I have long believed that the political Left in this country is vastly, vastly over-represented, both in media, journalism, culture, and most importantly, government. The projection of their strength and numbers is essentially a facade.

Once Trump eliminates the voter fraud, I anticipate them being virtually wiped out as a political force. Therefore, expect them to empty the tank.With PredictIt, make political predictions on what will happen next in the White House and Congress. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation Markets U.S.

Elections U.S. Politics World Featured New Arrivals Biggest Movers Trending Most Predicted Closing Soon. About What is . The Buckeye State voted for the winner for the 29th time in 31 elections this year, the best record of any [ ] In ’s Game of Musical Chairs, the Music Stopped at .

Congressional midterm elections take place between Presidential elections.

Latest US elections news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. Days before the presidential election, a historic African-American church in the. The United States presidential election of was the 58th quadrennial the United States government's intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had interfered in the United States elections. Several sites and individuals publish electoral predictions. These generally rate the race by the likelihood Turnout: % pp. Over the years in American history, many elections have taken place and many terms have been served successfully. After all these years one must wonder how the role of the President of the United States of America has changed. Currently in America the Presidential election is nearing more a.

State and local races happen every year. Learn about upcoming elections near you. One-third of all U.S. senators. See which senators are up for re-election or plan to leave office.

Thirty-six state governors and three U.S. The candidate named in the question will be elected president of the United States in the general election as determined by the vote of the Electoral College. This Market will close by the end date or at such time earlier when, in PredictIt's sole judgment, the result is beyond question.

The. Our win probabilities come from simulating the election 20, times, which produces a distribution of possible outcomes for each state. Here are the expected margins of victory.

The closer the dot is to the center line, the tighter the race. Who will win US Presidential Election? presidential election astrology, presidential election astrology predictions, us presidential election astrological predictions by Gurmeet Singh. Obama’s case his 7th house lord Moon which represents the people of United States who are going to vote in the Presidential elections, was.

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