Summative statement pro choice versus pro life arguments on abortion

The Politics of Abortion An induced abortion is the intentional termination of a human pregnancy. The procedure is primarily done in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. An abortion can be performed by taking medication or undergoing surgery. This type of abortion involves taking mifepristone and misoprostol tablets.

Summative statement pro choice versus pro life arguments on abortion

Some people wrote back to tell me that I was hateful for calling him this or that I was wrong; they claimed that he is pro-choice, not pro-abortion.

Some even said that he is pro-life and wants to do everything he can to reduce abortions. The rhetoric war has been won for the most part by what I call the pro-abortion movement.

They have themselves adopted the term pro-choice because it sounds a lot nicer than pro-abortion. Pro-gun, pro-gay rights, pro-life, pro-union; these are all terms that describe something you support.

Why is it then that the term pro-abortion is not used proudly? When someone refers to themselves as pro-choice, what choice are they referring to?

Summative statement pro choice versus pro life arguments on abortion

So what they are saying is that they believe it is fine for someone to obtain an abortion, which makes them pro-abortion. If you believe people have the right to form and join unions even if you would never join one, you are pro-union. Would you be angry that someone referred to you as pro-union?

Would you say I just believe in the choice to join a union, but I am not pro-union? The use of the word choice shows that it is all about the stigma of being called pro-abortion; is there a stigma if there is nothing wrong with abortion?

Why would people be so opposed to being referred to as pro-abortion if abortion is perfectly acceptable? To answer that we have to determine what abortion is.

Is abortion simply the termination of a pregnancy? Is abortion just a medical procedure that removes unwanted cell masses from your body, like liposuction? The answer to those questions is a resounding no. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, but what is a pregnancy?

The Random House dictionary definition of pregnant reads: The Cambridge Dictionary reads: Abortion is the termination or killing of a developing human person in the early stages of their life. It is that simple. We can try and sanitize it with words or phrases but that does not change what it is.

There are a lot of things that are unpleasant that people or organizations try to make less appalling by changing the words used to describe them. As a parent I am guilty of this myself. Does this change the fact that they are defecating?

No, it just makes it sound less gross and nasty. The difference is that there is nothing wrong with defecating; it is natural and how our bodies were created to work. We should not give into the sanitization of abortion; it needs to be exposed for what it is.

We should not allow rhetoric to define how we describe an evil like the killing of innocent human persons. I have often heard people say that they would love to see abortion reduced or minimized.

If there is nothing immoral or wrong about abortion then why would we care how many people had them?

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Why would we want to reduce something that is perfectly ok? If you want to reduce them then you must think there is something wrong with them; what is it that is wrong? This is one of the ways that Barack Obama has tried to characterize himself to people. He tries to sound like he is not the pro-abortion advocate that he really is.

His own words and record contradict that; what he will do as President will be dangerous and devastating to this nation and the world. This week we have already heard that he will be reversing lifesaving Executive Orders that will result in the destruction of human life worldwide.

He plans to reverse the Mexico City Policy which blocks the US Government from giving money to organizations who provide abortion in other countries. We will be paying for abortions overseas with our tax dollars. He will open up the funding of destruction of human embryos for research paid for with your tax dollars.- For the first time in 15 years, more Americans are pro-life, rather than pro-choice.

51% of American men and women believe that abortion should be illegal in America, rather than the 42% that believe that it is appropriate for abortion to remain legal ("Poll: Majority of Americans Are Pro-Life for . Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

- Abortion is a highly controversial topic of debate; this debate evokes strong emotions on both sides. Abortion is a pretty cut and dry topic; you are either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Oct 19,  · Pro-choice was a label used to avoid the statement pro-abortion, due to negative connotations and emotional reactions attached to it.

Pro-choice/pro-life are positive statements, everyone supports choice/life in general. Pro-Choice Reasoning. Response to Common Pro-Choice Views. Some arguments against the pro-life side are directed to the abortion issue itself, and no cases of violence directed at abortion-bound women by pro-life activists have ever been substantiated, despite the rhetoric from some abortion advocates.

Pro Abortion Thesis Statement Example: “ Idea of Individuality and human life is not quite the same. Idea of a human life has come from conception; simultaneously on the other hand, fertilized eggs used for in vitro fertilization are also human lives but eggs unable to implant are routinely thrown away.

Flaws on Pro-Life (And no religious arguments) Pro-choice always talk about women who DON'T have a choice to abortion.

They have been raped, cannot support a child, and are too young to even have one.

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