Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

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Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

Mail What drives terrorism? In an April 27 webinar in which Fred Burton and I discussed the evolution of terrorist threats toward soft targets, we briefly discussed this very topic. Knowing what these influential forces are is crucial to understanding how an attack is conducted, placing it in context and, perhaps most important, anticipating and even forecasting future changes in terrorism trends.

Tactics and tradecraft never stop changing, either: They are constantly evolving to respond to external forces that enable, constrain and otherwise shape them.

Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

And while the list may differ among experts, the main drivers the Stratfor Threat Lens team tracks are ideology and terrorist theory, political and economic developments, counterterrorism efforts, technology, and media coverage. They are all interconnected, and almost always working together or at cross purposes to help transform terrorism dynamics.

Terrorist Ideology There are many definitions of terrorism, but for our purposes we will loosely define it as politically motivated violence against noncombatants. While many groups and individuals practice terrorism, terrorism for the sake of terror is not their end goal. Of course, not all political groups condone the use of terrorism to achieve their goals.

In fact, most — even groups that advocate radical or revolutionary change — do not. A prime example is the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization that has long called for the radical reordering of governments and society in the Muslim world based on Sharia law.

Even after a military coup overthrew Morsi inthe Muslim Brotherhood continued to preach non-violence. There will always be hyperbole in terrorist propaganda. Nevertheless, it tends to clearly state the goals and intentions of terrorist groups, even when they are not capable of achieving them.

By following the rhetoric of these former members, it was not hard to predict that new groups would rise; ones unafraid of conducting attacks against the Egyptian government. The statements published by groups are also good sources to glean the intent of terrorist groups.

Many are often transparent: Similarly, when al Qaeda in Iraq changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq, it signaled its intent to establish an Islamic polity. Then when the group changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, it showed it wanted to create an Islamic polity that spanned Iraq and Syria.

And when it declared a global caliphate, logically it demonstrated a desire to expand the polity beyond Iraq and Syria to the entire world. When it comes to selecting targets for attacks, ideology has its part to play as well.

Marxist and anarchist groups, for example, will attack industrialists and government targets, but most will avoid killing or injuring citizens they view as being oppressed by capitalists or the state.

Still, even groups that are part of the same movement can have significant differences in ideology. Focusing on the ideology makes it clear that an al Qaeda and Islamic State merger will not occur, despite press reports warning that their deadly union is coming.

There will always hyperbole in terrorist propaganda.Terrorist Groups Essay Sample. terrorist organization since the violent acts it committed were more out of retaliation rather than one that symbolizes ideology (Knight, n.d.).

Santa Isabel and the bombing of a highway in Hato Rey”—all of which were suspected to have been carried out by a terrorist group named Los Macheteros (FBI web. The Globalization of Supermax Prisons Critical Issues in Crime and Society Raymond J. Michalowski, Series Editor Critical Issues in Crime and Society is oriented toward critical.

Symbolism of terrorism. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Terrorist organizations use graphic marks and insignias as symbols to represent their ideology, purpose, and goals. and the ability of the terrorist group to manipulate this symbolism through an attack.

By destroying a symbolic location, terrorists are demonstrating their. and succeed in material aspects through their practical acumen and hard work. S often like to show off their knowledge by sharing it with other people.

The al Qaeda terrorist group seems to be the umbrella body for all the terrorist groups but Shia is an independent one. Also it’s important to note that al Qaeda is . DESCRIPTION. 1.

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