The reconfiguration of identities of the family and women

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The reconfiguration of identities of the family and women

Reimagining the Family Archive There I was in the apartment where she had died, looking at these pictures of my mother, one by one, under the lamp, gradually moving back in time with her, looking for the truth of the face I had loved.

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And I found it. Family photographs are not usually considered art objects because their purpose is functional and personal, rather than artistic.

Family archives present a range of stock images of pertinent moments worth documenting — a mother with her newborn, a marriage, a new outfit or the first day at school.

There is a sense of pride when opportunities to show these images arise and the viewer is familiar with them in their own personal archive. After the death of her mother, Lebohang Kganye a graduate of the Market PhotoWorkshop and the Tierney Fellowship recipient centred her grief on the images that remained of the woman she had known.

Photographs take on special significance when the subjects die, becoming mysterious objects of preservation constantly referring to their absence.

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Lebohang Kganye, Re shapa setepe sa lenyalo II, Manipulated family photographs show Kganye as a spectral figure placed alongside her mother, the two women dressed and styled in the same way. It is also worth noting that Kganye often incorporates her interest in sculpture and performance art into her work.

The reconfiguration of identities of the family and women

The double exposure puts Kganye into the frame, managing to reference the past, present and future of both women as they live on indefinitely in these altered snapshots.

Lebohang Kganye, 3-phisi yaka ya letlalo II, Through the series of photomontages set in urban landscapes and home settings, Kganye represents her grandfather and recreates his journey from the homelands to the Transvaal in pursuit of work.

Revisiting an old classic: Black Robe Three Ways | Fiction and Film for Scholars of France Bela Feldman-Bianco immigration, cultural contestations, and the reconfiguration of identities:

Archives raise more questions than they are able to answer about what remains and what has been excluded. In placing herself in the frame with, and along the trajectories of, her mother and grandfather, Kganye finds them and herself through the interplay between fantasy and memory.

Lebohang Kganye, The Bicycle, Lebohang Kganye, Ka 2-phisi yaka e pinky II, Cecilia, Amanda and Laurie: Thanks for this wonderful forum (and to Liana for commissioning it)! I also teach Black Robe with Allan Greer’s edition of the Jesuit Relations, in a .

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By presenting a Marxist-inspired analysis of the family, explaining what constitutes women’s oppression, how this relates to work outside the home, and what a vision of emancipation entails, we develop a critique of proposed advantages for women home workers.

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