Wolseys soliloquy in shakespeares henry viii

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Wolseys soliloquy in shakespeares henry viii

Leicester, Leicestershire, England Age c.

Wolseys soliloquy in shakespeares henry viii

But, lo and behold, Thomas Wolsey, through hard work and ambition worked his way up from his humble origins to become the most powerful man in the realm of England, behind only the king himself. Wolsey is also the archetypal man of both the ecclesiastic and secular fields meaning he had huge influence both as a member of the clergy and as a government officialbeing one of the last great men to possess this unique quality.

The career of Thomas Wolsey did indeed begin through his service in the church. Throughout the remainder of Henry VII's reign, Wolsey was continuously given a number of smaller parishes to care for, but did not truly see an opportunity to shine until the ascension of Henry VIII in Wolsey's first position with the new king was as his almoner, and would continue to attain a important positions within both the church and the government during the first three years of the reign and was a councilor by no later than Though by this point Wolsey had no official title, he played a large part in the negotiations between England and the French King Louis XII, always wishing for peace over war, considering the cost.

ByWolsey truly began his rapid rise to power again, within the church and the government when he was made bishop of Lincoln and archbishop of York. The following year was made a cardinal and chancellor Wolseys soliloquy in shakespeares henry viii England, giving him control over the Great Seal, almost the equivalent of the king's signature.

For the next twelve years, Wolsey would be in firm control of governmental affairs, though not without making a number of powerful enemies in the process.

In addition to his secular tasks, Wolsey remained fairly active in the church, both within England and abroad. He fought for the church to keep certain rights and combated heresy, while furthering education through his donations to Ipswich College and his creation of Cardinal College.

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Furthermore, he was made official papal legate, a position that would ultimately backfire on him, and was even considered to be a highly valid candidate for the papacy on several occasions.

Wolsey also played a large role in foreign affairs. The cardinal would do whatever it took to control the increasingly tense situation between Francis, Charles and Henry, often resorting to bribery and other sorts of trickery.

But, this was not atypical for men in Wolsey's position and it kept England, for the most part, out of continental affairs while Francis and Charles tore one another apart particularly at the Battle of Padua inwhere Francis was taken captive by the emperor.

Though even the small amount of military involvement England shared in continental affairs cost a great deal of money and Wolsey was forced to viciously tax the people though the king was most likely just as responsiblegaining their hatred in the process. The nobility, too, despised the cardinal, not appreciating a butcher's son holding more power they did as members of the aristocracy.

It was only the king's favor that kept Wolsey where he was. Cardinal Wolsey's slow, then swift, downfall began in when Henry VIII openly declared that he wished for his marriage to Catherine of Aragon to be annulled so that he may marry his new love, Anne Boleyn.

As the king's most competent adviser, and as papal legate, Wolsey seemed the obvious choice to appeal the pope to receive approval for the annulment.

However, Wolsey was faced with a greater task than he could have ever imagined. Pope Clement VII was under the firm hand of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Catherine's nephew, and could only do so much to appease the English king without antagonizing Charles, who was far closer to him and had already shown his power by sacking Rome and virtually holding him prisoner.

The pope sent Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio to England to try and solve the dispute, but the cardinal only did what he could most likely under orders to stall the proceedings, further angering the king, who was anxious to conceive the marriage with Anne and finally produce a male heir.

Wolsey's failure to procure the annulment was just the opportunity his enemies at court needed to remove him from his place of power. The Dukes of Suffolk and Norfolk and the Boleyn family who were now highly influential at court due to Anne's position teamed up, despite their differences, and brought up on trumped up charges of preamunire.Source 4 (by J.J.

Scarisbrick ) supports the idea that possibly Henry VIII actually did surrender power over to Wolsey. The evidence within the source that suggests this possibly for being the truth is ‘a self-indulgent King had wholly surrendered the cares of the state into the Cardinals hands’.

In the speech from Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey faces an unexpected disappointment. He feels that he dedicated much of his time in this position as an advisor, and now it is worthless due to his dismissal.

King Henry VIII - Henry VIII, the play's caninariojana.com begins the play under the powerful influence of Cardinal Wolsey and is easily persuaded to do away with Buckingham.

Wolsey then convinces him that his marriage to the queen is illegal, since Katharine was his brother's widow. A summary of Analysis in William Shakespeare's Henry VIII.

AP English Literature Passage from HENRY VIII

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Henry VIII and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Cardinal Wolsey. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis.

At the beginning of the play, Cardinal Wolsey is Henry's right-hand man. He's involved in all Henry's political and personal stuff, and he advises the king on major decisions.

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